Automatic LOD

Automatic LOD is a powerful Unity extension that allows you to quickly generate and manage multiple levels of detail for your 3D models.

LOD levels are simplified meshes that are generated procedurally by the extension and help optimize your game especially on lower end platforms.

The Automatic LOD component takes care at runtime of enabling the correct mesh for each object depending on its distance to the camera or its screen area covered.

This way you can use meshes with lower polycount when the object is far away or covers small screen space and higher polycounts for up-close views.

Use detail only when you need it!

  • Generate LOD level meshes fully procedurally with just one click
  • Supports both static and skinned meshes
  • LODs are automatically handled by the component. No scripting needed
  • Build on top of our Mesh Simplify extension which is also included
  • Includes full source code
  • Includes high quality 3D models and sample scenes seen on the screenshots
  • Clean, easy to use and powerful UI
  • Valid for all platforms! Especially useful on mobile
  • Supports complex object hierarchies with sub-objects and multiple materials
  • Live preview both in edit mode and play mode
  • Supports both screen coverage and distance to camera algorithms
  • Allows finetuning assigning priorities to vertices using volumes
  • Classic mesh decimation / polygon count reduction using the included Mesh Simplify tool


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